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Abstract Submission:

You are invited to contribute a paper for presentation at the Symposium. A typical abstract would be one A4 page long, Word format, single-spaced abstract of no less than 500 words. Student papers are encouraged. Submission deadline is March 1st, 2019.

Call for Papers leaflet is available.


Contact email is

Topics proposed:

- Analogue Environments
- Isolation
- Astrobiology
- Artificial Intelligence
- Cardiovascular and Pulmonary
- Challenges of Future Spaceflights
- Circadian Rhythm
- Commercial Spaceflight /Space Tourism
- Education and Outreach
- Exercise and Countermeasures in the Interplanetary piloted Mission
- Field Test/Countermeasure Evaluation
- Human factors in the Interplanetary piloted Mission
- Immunology
- Muscle and Bones
- Medical Support in the Autonomous Flight
- Neuroscience
- Radiation
- Cognitive and Behavioral Effects of Deep Space Missions
- Space Psychology
- Space Biology and Space Biotechnology
- Telemedicine in interplanetary missions
- Life Support System and Habitats
- Multidisciplinary Studies related with Humans in Space
- Food and nutrition in space
- Mars exploration
- Women in space
- Vision impairment
- Transcriptomics and genomics in space – personalized/precision medicine



International Academy of Astronautics