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This conference aims to continue to provide a forum for discussion about fundamental and timely issues and trends as well as for developing collaborations through the exchange of research results and ideas in the field of space life sciences.


- Analogue Environments
- Astrobiology
- Cardiovascular and Pulmonary
- Challenges of Future Spaceflights
- Circadian Rhythm
- Commercial Spaceflight / Space Tourism
- Education and Outreach
- Exercise and Countermeasures
- Human Factors
- Immunology and Endocrinology
- Muscle and Bones
- Neuroscience
- Performance
- Radiation
- Space Medicine
- Space Psychology
- Space Biology and Space Biotechnology
- Life Support Systems and Habitats
- Multidiciplinary Studies related with Humans in Space


First Announcement: 15 January 2017
Call for Abstracts: 1st March 2017
End of abstract submission: 15 September 2017
Acceptance letters: 30 September 2017
On-line Registration open: 1st March 2017
Early bird registration deadline: 31 August 2017
Final Programme: 15 October 2017


To submit an abstract, Please visit the conference website at

You are invited to contribute a paper for presentation at the Symposium. A one-page, single-spaced abstract of no less than 500 words is needed.
Student papers are encouraged.

Abstracts must be sent by 15 September 2017 deadline.



International Academy of Astronautics